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Photos : Citroën

Here are some photos from the Citroën booth (Ok, only DS4 Racing concept and Numéro 9 concept are from the booth :D), but there are some good oldies also.

That DS4 is just awesome, I will buy it if they release it 😮



Photos : Peugeot

Sorry for the lack of photos, but I ran out of battery when I was in Hall 1 (BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Ferrari, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Infinity, Fiat, Nissan, Mini, Mazda, PGO, etc.) and it was crowded like hell. So I didn’t and couldn’t take a lot of photos.
There are mostly old models (except for the Onyx Concept and 208 GTI R5.


Photos : Renault

Here are some photos from Renault (new, old and concepts).

En route pour le mondial de l’automobile

Hop c’est parti pour le Mondial!

Mais il pleut depuis 3h, pas top 🙁 en espérant que ce sera mieux sur Paris…